Thursday, May 2, 2013


This is where you will find all my scraps.
I make my creations with Paint Shop Pro.
They are PSPImages.
All my creations are free.
Please do not change file names
Please do not upload these anywhere.
If sharing please refer to my blog 
Please use my previews.
Check out each page by clicking the links.
Please email me with invalid links.

4shared has a habit of dropping files.
I have fixed any that previously didn't work

I do have PSDs (photoshop compatible) files
available of all my kits.
They are by request only.
I have found too many people never say 
for all the work we do
presenting these kits for users.
They just snag and run.
If you would like these kits please email me 
(click tag above) 
with a valid address
so I can send you the links.
I would also like some kind of acknowledgement.

I have redone all my kits.
There are no viruses or malmare  in my files.
If your software detects anything, 
it is a false reading.
Please disable it, before downloading.

My files are stored on 4shared.
After clicking links you will go and click this link

after clicking that button you will see this one.
If you are a guest 
you will have a wait time
of 60 seconds.

I can not use another service.
They are pay services.
If I do that, 
my scraps will no longer be free.

Thanks for stopping by.
Comments are appreciated.
Gives inspiration to make more.